My Story

I’ve been there just like you or someone you know. Where you say? The struggle land of weight loss. I’ve been heavy and fat and wanted to lose all the weight in no time. I was overweight, uncomfortable, and felt sluggish and to make matters worse, I was at a genetic risk of diabetes as I have both parents with diabetes. I believed I was curvy and thick… I’d never call myself fat lol. I started to get complaints from left, right, and centre from friends and even family on how fat I was which made me psychologically uncomfortable but I still couldn’t get to divorce unhealthy foods and fall in love with exercise.

So I did what most people do, I started to starve and yoyo diet. I’ll “pretend” to cut off sugars, junk and deny myself of food and do cardio every other day because I didn’t want to “be bulky” like most people will think then once I start getting small results, I’ll stop and continue with my old ways and get fat again and the cycle continues. But then I wasn’t getting it right. I was wrong with yoyo dieting, starving myself, and out training a poor diet. It was a tiring and frustrating cycle.

I decided to “receive sense” and follow the long but satisfying route. I started to research and cut off my unhealthy habits one at a time. I started to eat out less, exercise more and lift weights and with time, I found a balance with food, gained lean muscle and lost weight.

I realised I didn’t have to eat salads and drink teas all day everyday. There are more healthier food options that are delicious and far from boring.

Mid 2015, I opened an Instagram page @fitnaijafoodie in order to motivate myself and keep myself accountable, share my meals, exercise and food ideas.

It’s not so difficult to lose weight and be healthy. It’s about finding a balance and making changes one at a time. Exercise is key but diet still remains the door.