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New Beginnings!

You know, I spontaneously decided to start blogging again. Maybe not spontaneously, I mean I wrote it as part of my goals recently to resume blogging. I didn't know when it was going to be but I just …

What I ate last week|Fit Plan #1 – I slipped

*singing* On the third day of New Year, somebody did so bad... lol. Dear Friends, I slipped! As in, big slipping. My slipping is not your mate! Lol... Planning is KEY!!! My meal plan didn't go exa…


My Fit Plan – #1

Happy New Year fam! Hope your year turns out greater than you expect. Part of my plan this year is to start a food and exercise plan series on the blog. I'll share my plan with you and also share h…

fitnaijafoodie fitness resolutions

My Fitness Resolutions for 2018

My 2017… Hey fam! Happy New Year in advance to you! I pray 2018 ushers you into good health, peace, joy, blessings in abundance. Cheers to smashing goals this year. 2017 was definitely not my year…

7 things to try before letting go

7 Things To Try Before Letting Go

I know the struggle... Trust me, I do. You have tried everything but nothing seems to work. And everywhere you look it seems everyone is getting it but you. It sucks! I know this! See, I was si…



**This post is not for diagnosis. In every situation, always see your doctor. No medical treatments will be posted here except lifestyle changes. Prevention is better than cure they say. There are …

my weight loss

Starting your Fitness/Weight loss Journey

**I want to lose weight… where do I start from?** This is legit the most frequently asked question in my Instagram DM and since this blog is still new; I wanted it to be one of the first things I’ll …

potato shrimps stir-fry recipe


I’m so happy writing this post because it feels like PHCN just gave me a damn respect… not kidding! They brought the light just when I finished slicing my vegetables and took it immediately I finished…