DIY Fura Avocado Custard


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So I know how I brought you here and what brought so lemme not waste your time with too much talk. For the purpose of those who came here directly without watching the video on Instagram (you can click here in case you missed it or watch it right at the bottom of this post), I’ll put a pictorial for the recipe.

This Fura Avocado Custard recipe is one in a million. I’m not tryna brag about though hehehe but don’t shut it down until you try it.

Fura is made from milled millet mixed with spices and is very common in the Northern parts of Nigeria especially in Fulani regions as that is it’s place of origin that kinda sounds like a human being.
Millet is very healthy as it a whole grain and is high in fibre. It also contains pre-biotic properties and lowers blood cholesterol.

1 fura ball
½ avocado/African pear
1 cup milk
1 tbsp honey

I usually get my fura balls from Habib Yoghurt and Fura store on Allen, Ikeja (just right beside Ogundana Street) but they have other locations in and outside Lagos. If you live around any of their stores or know any of their other locations, you can please help others by stating the location in the comment section below.

My choice of milk is almond milk. You can pretty much use any healthy milk of your choice. I missed out the measurement for the honey in the video but I’ve updated that here. Say thank you
Just add all your ingredients in the blender. I prefer to add mine in halves because of the kind of blender I use and the quantity of the custard I’m making and also so I can control the consistency of my custard. But you can pretty much just chuck all your ingredients in the blender and blend away.

Voila! Your healthy Fura Avocado custard is ready. Try it and give me a feedback. Hope to see you soon.
Love, Gbemi

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  1. Hi Gbemi,
    Love your blog,trying this recipe soonest,
    God bless you

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