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This post is looooong overdue. In fact, many posts are long overdue. I’m really sorry guys but this is a really busy time of my life. I got a new job so I’ve been trying to balance between spending long hours in traffic, running shifts, going to the gym, posting on Instagram and handling my store and clients… tough! But don’t worry, I’ll get back to it soonish.
I’ve always wanted to share this with you because I get a lot of questions as to where I get this or get that. Let me first put this out that this isn’t a sponsored post. I’m just sharing my hacks, tips, and finds with you.
So to be honest, I buy my items from basically anywhere. I’m an impulse buyer (I’m working on it). I can just walk into a store and if I see something I like or have been looking for, I just pick it and pay (if I can afford it though lol).
But I have just one place where I buy my staple items, items that are scarce or hard to get or items that have inflated prices online and that is Osata supermarket. I don’t even stress if I can’t find something. I just head to Osata and more often than not, they have it.
Osata supermarket is a Chinese owned supermarket on Allen-Opebi road, Ikeja. They are just after Sweet Sensation and opposite Diamond bank just after the round about that leads to Toyin street (the street with Domino’s pizza lol).
I’m not even joking, Osata has basically almost every fitfam food item you’re looking for. From brown rice to whole grain spaghetti to coconut oil to oolong tea to chia seeds, psyllium husk, raw almonds, walnuts, almond flour, almond flakes, you name it! They even stock different flavours of almond milk. All supermarkets I have been to just have the regular vanilla flavour but Osata has differnt flavours.
I’ll share pictures with you so you don’t think I’m lying hehe. I forgot to take pictures of the healthy tea isle but I’ll do that when next I’m there and I’ll update this post.

So, did I lie or nah? Did you see that jar of peanut butter? Frozen strawberries?
You know the thing I love about them is the fact that they listen to their customers and they are pocket considerate. You get items at the regular price. I get my big bag of almond nuts for N4,000. They are pretty affordable if you ask me. You should check them out.

Where do you do your grocery shopping? Please share with me.

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