My Fit Plan - #1


Happy New Year fam! Hope your year turns out greater than you expect.

Part of my plan this year is to start a food and exercise plan series on the blog. I’ll share my plan with you and also share how it turned out at the end of the week. I’m going to be as honest as possible with you. If I ate like crap through the week, you’ll be the first to know but I’m hoping that “eat like crap” part will be a few times or not at all lol.

So my meal plan this week is really simple. I’m not counting calories so I’ll be listening to my body all through. I’m also not meal prepping for the week. I’ll do alternate days so if PHCN doesn’t change this new year, I don’t lose lol.

I am not starting the year with a workout as I’ll be coming from watch night and leaving for work in the morning. I have lives to save so yeah…but I plan to workout 4 times this week.

This is what I plan for the week. At the end of the week, I’ll be posting what I ate through out the week. Do stick around and subscribe to my list or turn on your post notifications for my Instagram posts so you be the first to know when I post *wink*

I’ll love to know what you plan for the week. What’s on your food list or what workout routine are you doing this week? Please share with me.

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