My Fit Plan - #2


I stalled on making this meal plan a bit as I wanted to know what foods I still have left from last week to inspire me to create this week’s. My meal plan is a bit exciting this week as most of my meals (if not all) are easy to prepare meals so it don’t require spending hours in the kitchen. My only concern right now is the power situation in the country. I do not own a generator so I rely solely on PHCN and the light did that thing again on Saturday night where it went dim and went of and since then, we’ve not had light. Oh well, maybe we have since I have not been home as I’m currently rounding up a 48-hr shift (don’t worry, I rest lol). But we’ve been running on alternative sources of power at work so I’m thinking it’s the same everywhere.
I’m just excited to get on this week. I’m hoping it will be better than last. It’s Tuesday already and yesterday was good. Hopefully, it takes that shape all through.
You know that feeling when you’ve been sticking to eating healthy and you do not crave junk, that’s exactly how I feel right now. I’m hoping I don’t get any social invite that will make me fall back. My mantra this year is to live and be happy so if I have any thing with friends, I’ll definitely go but this time, I’ll be more careful and pick healthier options *fingers crossed*
Any hoohoo, this is what I plan to eat this week. What’s on your plan lovely people?

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