My Fitness Resolutions for 2018

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My 2017…
Hey fam! Happy New Year in advance to you! I pray 2018 ushers you into good health, peace, joy, blessings in abundance. Cheers to smashing goals this year.
2017 was definitely not my year but I could say it thought me a lot. It was a growing year with so much lessons. I thought I had my shit together as it was smooth through the first half but the second half came and I hit rock bottom in important areas especially in fitness. Marrrrn was it had to find my feet and balance but I’m grateful still, as without it, I would not have figured so many things out.
Moving on to 2018… woohoo! I’m so excited for this new year. Actually, a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I’ve been planning for the new year since November… no jokes! I reflected a lot on this year in December which helped to make better plans this year.
This time, I have resolutions and goals. Haha, I know the public stance on resolution but I DO NOT CARE! What doesn’t work for others may work for me. I will not let what other people think of resolutions affect my decision to make one. Besides, if it doesn’t work, I can re-evaluate and re-strategize or continue from where I left off. Winners don’t quit!

My goals for the next year was set into different aspects of my life… personal, fitness, brand, and career but for the purpose of this blog, I’ll be sharing my fitness resolutions and goal. This is the first time I am planning my year like this and I am excited about it. I planned my year in four sections…

  1. Theme – my watchword for the year
  2. Resolution – My ultimate intention and focus for the year 2018
  3. Goals – These are things I want to have achieved by the end of 2018
  4. Plans – These are series of actions I hope to do to help me reach my goals

My theme for the year is Mindfulness and Consistency.
This is my watchword for the year. Something I’ll keep at the back of my mind to help me through the year and to stick to my resolution and achieve my goals.

My fitness resolution next year is to take care of my body.

My macro goal next year is to enjoy healthy living and listen to my body.
This year, I focused more on weight loss and body size which led to an obsession. Next year, I want to focus more on actually enjoying fitness and living healthy. No crazy plans, no weight or inches obsession, no calorie counting, none of that but just enjoying the healthy life.
I will definitely still be looking at my weight and staying within a body size but I won’t pleiz my focus on that *in Falz’s voice*
My micro goals are
i) learn to play lawn tennis
ii) perfect my pull-ups and pistol squats
iii) build a stronger core
iv) be able to make a healthy choice without thinking twice
v) practice yoga more
vi) reach level 8 in Health & Fitness in my level 10 life. (I’m currently on a 4). If you don’t have an idea what a level 10 life is, click the link posted below to give you an in-depth understanding
Level 10 life explained – Boho Berry

i) have at least 1 yoga session with Andre (@theandreblaze – my yoga teacher/partner) a week
ii) have a routine
iii) work out at least 3 times a week
iv) run at least once a week
v) attend at least 2 fitness classes a week
vi) go to bed early
vii) start a journal
viii) eat a veggie/fruit a day
ix) eat clean at least 5 times a week

Starting the new year is always so exciting and motivation filling but as the year runs, things can start to go downhill. It’s very normal so a backup plan should be put in place to keep the spirit high and at its peak.
Mine is to utilize my social media accounts, blog more often, and evaluate my journal every month. If I happen to go downhill on fitness, I’ll get a workout partner for the extra motivation.

These are my fitness resolutions and goals for the new year and I hope too bring you guys on this journey with me.

What are your fitness resolutions, goals or plans? I am curious to know. Please share with me… in the comment section here or on Instagram (@fitnaijafoodie) or both *wink*

Cheers to a good year!

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