New Beginnings!


You know, I spontaneously decided to start blogging again. Maybe not spontaneously, I mean I wrote it as part of my goals recently to resume blogging. I didn’t know when it was going to be but I just wrote it. Who would have thought it would be today when I totally didn’t plan for it to be. I woke up early like every other work day, did my morning routine, went for a walk and went to work. As I posted on Instagram, I had a dozen and one things I wanted to share but not enough letters to caption it or even if people would want to read it or just scroll and pass like most people do.

My mind is usually busy and most times I just want to chat or talk about it but no one to do so with. So I thought to myself, why not start off your blog from where you left off? Free your mind and pour it all out in a page. You could find someone who resonates with your mind. I’m still unsure whether to stick to my fitness contents for this blog or just use this as an avenue to free the dozens of tabs in my mind and just write like I would in my journal. So, here I am, dusting my cobwebbed blog, non-existent writing skills, and resuming blogging on the 9th day of November 2018.

It’s funny how we set New Year goals and resolutions and dump them quarter-way through the year. Consistent blogging was one of my New Year goals but I didn’t even make it through February. This brought me to realise and appreciate how life gives us second chances to do the things we’ve always wanted to do. I started this year strong but somehow along the way, I got caught up in trying to achieve perfection so bad to myself and other people, it got so scary and as fear would have it, I let everything out through the window. Perfection really is a devil!

This day, what I want to do is just share freely, not bothered about how many people are reading or how much traffic this is generating. Forget the blog name, I may not write about fitness all the time. I just want to share anything and everything. I want to open, write, and empty my mind on a page.
I’m not sure about consistency, I’m not trying to strive for perfection, I’m just going to be me in this little small world of blogging journalling. If you are with me or we turn out to be mind friends, cheers to wonderful days, imperfection, mind scribbling, shuttling, and turning to be the best version of ourselves *clinks glass*

My name is Gbemi, I’m more than just fitness, and welcome to my small world where I’m totally flawed but striving to be better.

P.S. After publishing this post, I’m heading over to my new year resolution post and going to laugh hard at myself lol but hopefully, something good will come out of that laughter.

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