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**I want to lose weight… where do I start from?**
This is legit the most frequently asked question in my Instagram DM and since this blog is still new; I wanted it to be one of the first things I’ll talk about. Let’s hope it bribes you to come back for more.
Almost everybody has a question related to weight loss to ask. Everything from weight loss to lose weight to lose the weight to getting fit. Believe me, like 8 out 10 conversations go this way…
“I want to lose weight but I don’t know where to start or what to do”
“I don’t have a gym and healthy eating is expensive but I need to lose weight”
“I …this weight, I… that weight… don’t know what to eat… don’t know what to do… don’t know where to start from… burn fat…” You get the gist?
So if you fall in this category, this post should help you out and if there is anything you’ll still love to know or ask, please don’t forget to do that. Ask your questions, drop your comments, contributions, tips, and all that good stuff in the comment section. Let’s engage, educate, and motivate each other.
Yes… back to the main reason why we’re here.

July 2016|January 2017. 

You want to get it or lose weight but don’t know where to start from. I have tips for you.
Honestly, there’s no where to start from but there’s the best thing to do before you start and that is…

  • DROP ALL YOUR EXCUSES… Drop it all and start from where you are. Right where you are with zero idea, zero pretty workout clothes, and no fancy foods, you know, broccoli and the likes. All you have to do is prepare your mind for the journey ahead of you and be ready to enjoy it all the way, embrace the ups and downs, and live a healthier life.
    Stop giving so many flimsy excuse – “I’m too lazy” “I love food too much” “I’m not disciplined enough” “Healthy eating is expensive” “I can’t wake up early” – all this are just mere words in your head and can’t get you anywhere if you keep believing them. What you tell yourself is what you believe. You see, every person that motivates you has given excuses one time or the other but none of us saw results until we dropped it all and got to work.
    You don’t have to have fancy clothes to go to the gym or go for a run. Stop eet eh! You don’t have to eat broccoli, quinoa, and strawberries. There are so many healthy options and alternatives grown on our soil. Stop copying and pasting. There is so much information on the internet and social media. Use it wisely.
    What you cannot do is keep giving excuses.
  • Start now. Stop wishing and start doing. Stop procrastinating. You can make today your Monday. There’s no special thing in next week or Monday. The earlier you get on it, the better.
  • Set realistic goals and take it a day at a time. The mistake we make most times is that we want to do everything all at once. Its better to do 10% for 10 days and succeed than do 100% for one day and fail. It’s one step at a time. You didn’t gain all that weight in 30 days so you cannot expect to lose it in 30 days. Slow progress is better than no progress.
  • Give up/cut your junk intake (soda, sugar, processed foods etc). The more sugar you have in your system, the more you sugar you crave. It’s best to empty your pantry and fridge of all that will hinder your journey and stock it with real food. It makes you more focused and reduces your chances of falling off. If you cannot get to stop it, take it one step at a time. Instead of drinking that coke everyday, reduce it to 2 times a week, the once a week till you can do without it.
  • Change your eating pattern. Losing weight doesn’t mean starving yourself. It’s what you eat and how you eat that matters. Swap your meals for healthier alternatives. Instead of that bowl of rice with spaghetti or fried plantain, fried stew with pieces of meat with chicken, think of halfing your plate and swapping the white rice for brown rice, removing the plantain or baking it instead (trust me, you don’t even need to eat rice and plantain, it’s not that necessary lol). Increase your vegetable intake. Add an apple instead of soda. Stop eating heavy late at night as the body is slowly shutting down and metabolism is on a low at that time. Drink tea if you feel really peckish at night.
  • Be active. Aim for at least 15 minutes of activity a day. You don’t have to enroll in a gym to be active. The space you have around you is enough to start. Go for a run, go for a walk, dance, skip, climb the stairs, workout to fitness videos. Youtube even has varieties for you to choose from. From tiwa n tiwa (Naija) to oyinbo videos lol. So many options!
  • Drink water. Water has so many amazing benefits. It hydrates, detoxifies, aids digestion and so many more and that is actually what the body needs. Skip soda, drink water instead.
  • Get an accountability partner. Not every body is lucky enough to have an accountability partner or a workout partner but if you have a friend that’s willing or you have to force (lol), grab that person. Gives you a plus to your commitment level. And if you have to be that friend, be it!

I don’t want to write long ass posts and I think I’m already overdoing for this one. If you have any more tips or questions, please feel free to share in the comment box. I’ll love to hear from you.

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  2. Hello. Is it compulsory to do a detox before proceeding with portion control?

    • No it is not. Detox is a plus because it helps your body to purge toxins and absorb nutrients better.

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