What I ate last week|Fit Plan #1 - I slipped

*singing* On the third day of New Year, somebody did so bad… lol. Dear Friends, I slipped! As in, big slipping. My slipping is not your mate! Lol…

Planning is KEY!!!
My meal plan didn’t go exactly as planned honestly. I switched a lot of things and some days, I intentionally swapped foods because I wasn’t feeling like that particular food and I was just trying to listen to my body. Prepping for the first two days was the hardest as I didn’t cook from home but it took willpower and I made it.
You see Wednesday… different story entirely. I had been having PMS cravings but I somehow had managed it. I went to a friend’s hangout at noon hoping I’d leave early but what was I thinking? I got caught up and the hunger decided to strike. Ate some brownies and chocolate from the event and when I couldn’t control the hunger, I had to leave and went straight to Bukkha hut to eat since there was no reasonable food at the hangout. Aunty Flo came visiting soon after that and she didn’t come alone. She came with cramps and high cravings fa! My friend decided to bring me food and stay with me so I ended up eating like crap in the name of comfort food but…
I didn’t want to give PMS or Aunty Flo a chance. It’s too early in the year to start slipping and making excuses so the next day, I dusted my cramping self up and headed to the gym. Seems that was my medication as everything got better after that.

Here’s what I ate for the week.

Monday – I didn’t have a measuring cup at work so I eyeballed my measurements for 3/4 cup of oats (I think it turned out to be  a cup lol). I kept to the plan but for dinner, I wasn’t really hungry so I had two garden eggs and green + oolong tea. I drank a lot of water and peed a lot during the day but it was good.
If you’re wondering what asun beans is doing in the plan, I used up some asun I left in the freezer for my beans porridge to avoid wastage hehe.

Oatmeal Porridge

Coconut Tofu Couscous

Tuesday – I started my day with green tea and moringa tea. The day was pretty much good. Went according to plan.
Wednesday – You know how the story goes lol. You see all the red words? *covers face*
Thursday – I planned to make tofu and couscous for lunch but I slept off and forgot it in the oven and it came out as chips lol so I eneded up with fruits out of anger and went back to bed. I’d honestly have had a smoothie for dinner but PHCN was living up to their expectation so I switched the game and ate my smoothie lol.
The rest of the week was pretty much good. I basically ate according to how I was feeling keeping hunger in mind. This week, my appetite seemed much smaller. It could be because I didn’t lift a lot.

Vegetable Egg Stir-fry

Tuna Salad

Workout wise, I did a lot of yoga this week and it felt so good. That kettlebell workout from Thursday was in one word – INSANITY. 3 days later, and my legs still hurts plus yoga was a workout so I worked my legs a lot more arrgh! Bitter-Sweet feeling!

So far, I’ll rate my week a 3.5 out of 5. I think I did well except for Wednesday but I feel it could be better.
How was your week? What did you eat? Stayed on track? Followed your plan? I want to know. share with me in the comments section.
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